Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Exams Postponed due to Moharram.

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Postponement of Examinations Download

Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Graduate students USN for 2008 Batch

Post Graduate students USN for 2008 batch Download

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Detail of New Pattern of Question Paper for First Years.

VTU has also updated the new pattern model question papers which can be download from here.The new Semester pattern includes the following

Multiple Choice Questions – The exam paper will contain multiple answers per question in which one of the answer will be the right one.Each question will carry 1 legit mark.

4 questions per chapter – Four multiple choice questions will be chosen from every chapter which will have a easy level,difficult and skills questions included.

Lecture Notes for Computer Science Dept.


Lecture Notes and other interesting study materials

  1. Computer Concepts and C Programming (06CCP13/ 06CCP23) by Mr. Yogeesha H C, Assistant Professor, KVGCE, Sullia.

    a. Class Notes on Computer Concepts
    last modified: 24-05-2007.
    including the chapters on Introduction to Computers, Interacting with computer, Processing data, Operating Systems, Networking and internet

    b. Question and Answers in C Programming
    last modified: 24-5-2007.
    includes the question and answers in C Programming from previous years question papers.

    c. Class Notes on C Language
    last modified: 23.10.2007.
    includes Algorithms and Flow charts, Introduction to C, Lexical issues, Operators and expressions and I/O functions.

    d. 06CCP13/13 - June 2008 Question paper Solved

    e. 06CCP16/26 - Computer Programming Lab Manual

  2. Lab Programs in ADA Lab (CSEL47)
  3. Java and CGI Programming by Yogeesha H C
    a. Introduction to Perl
    b. Servlet Introduction

    c. Servlet Tutorials
    d. PHP Manual
    e. About Java Technology

    f. Java & CGI Lab Manual
  4. Software Practice and Testing by Yogeesha H C
    a. Notes on Styles
  5. C# learning materials provided by Prof. Dinesh S, Lecturer - CS, KVG College of Engineering, Sullia
    a. Downloads\C# Notes by Prof Dinesh S\csharp.ppt

    b. Downloads\C# Notes by Prof Dinesh S\Dot NET Demystified Slides.pdf
    c. Downloads\C# Notes by Prof Dinesh S\introduction_slides.pdf
    d. Downloads\C# Notes by Prof Dinesh S\microsoft_june_presentation.ppt
    Downloads\C# Notes by Prof Dinesh S\WhatIsDotNet-1.pdf
  6. Lab programs - Data Structures lab (06CS37) provided by Prof. Dinesh S
  7. Lab programs - OOPS lab (06CSL47) provided by Prof. Dinesh S

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It is notified in the news papers on 16th December 2008 stating that, the examinations of Visvesvaraya Technological University will be conducted as per schedule.

However, the Examinations on 27th December 2008 stands postponed and scheduled as per the notification No. VTU/Exam/2008-2009/7576 issued on 10th December 2008.

Sl. No.

Scheduled dates
Details of Exams Postponed
Postponed and rescheduled dates
27th December 2008

All Postgraduate Papers i.e. MCA/M.Arch.
Wednesday, 31st December 2008
All Undergraduate Papers i.e. B.E. / B. Tech./ B.Arch.
Monday, 19th January 2009

Monday, December 15, 2008

Model Question Paper:Constitution of India & Professional Ethics.

MODEL QUESTION PAPER FOR Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination (Common to all branches) Constitution of India & Professional Ethics.

Model Question Paper
Seventh Semester B.E. Degree Examination (Common to all branches)
Constitution of India & Professional Ethics.

Time: 3 hrs. Max. Marks: 100

Instructions to the Candidates:
1. Use OMR Sheet Supplied, and darken the bubble with black ballpoint pen only against your choice of correct answer for
each question.
2. Double marking for the same question is considered as invalid.
3. Answer all the questions.
4. No negative marking.
5. Scribbling, folding, damaging of OMR Sheet is to be strictly avoided and University is not responsible for the

1. In which year, did Cripps Mission come to India?
a. 1935
b. 1945
c. 1949
d. 1942

2. Who was the chairman of Drafting Committee of Constitution of India?
a. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
b. Jawaharlal Nehru
c. Dr. B R Ambedkar
d. Saradar Vallabhabai patel

3. When did Indian Constitution come into force?
a. 1946
b. 1949
c. 1948
d. 1950

4. Who will appoint the Attorney General of India?
a. Prime Minister of India
b. Chief Justice of India
c. President of India
d. Law Minster of the union.

5. Who selected the first President of India?
a. Members of the Lok Sabha and the Raj Sabha
b. Members of the Lok Sabha, the Raj Sabha and Members of Legislative Assembly of all the states
c. Constituent Assembly
d. Members of the British Parliament.

6. Who will appoint the Chief Minister of a State?
a. Prime Minister of India
b. Governor of that state
c. Cabinet Minister of that state
d. Congress Working Committee.

7. Who will appoint the judge of the Supreme Court?
a. Chief Justice of India
b. President of India
c. Law of Minister of India
d. Central Government.

8. Who will appoint the cabinet Minister of a state?
a. Chief Minister of that state
b. Governor of that state
c. Members of the Legislative Assembly
d. Members of Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council.

9. What is the Minimum age to become the Vice- President of India?
a. 35
b. 45
c. 25
d. 30

10 By whom the Directive Principles of State Policy be amended?
a. Members of Lok Sabha
b. Members of Raj Sabha
c. Members of both Lok Sabha and Raj Sabha
d. Parliament, supported by more than fifty percent of states.

11. What is the remedy available for the breach of fundamental duties under the Constitution?
a. Filing writ Petition
b. Filing Criminal Complaint
c. Filing Civil Suit
d. No remedy

12 How many types of writs are there?
a. seven
b. three
c. five
d. six

13. What is the term of the President of India?
a. Four years
b. Three years
c. Five years
d. Six years

14 Who was the constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly?
a. Dr. B R Ambedkar
b. JawaharLal Nehru
c. Dr. Rajendra Prasad
d. B.N .Rau

15 How many times was the Preamble of the Constitution amended?
a. Three times
b. Two times
c. One time
d. Not amended

16 What is the maximum percentage of jobs that can be reserved by a state for backward class people in the government jobs?
a. 75%
b. 65%
c. 50%
d. 60%

17 The rule of Equality before law is not applicable to
a. Prime Minister of India
b. Chief Justice of India
c. Governor of a state
d. Law minister of India

18 Writ of Certiorary is issued
a. When a person is illegally arrested
b. When a person is illegally detained
c. When a judicial authority acts in excess of Jurisdiction
d. When a search warrant is issued against a person

19 India has recognized
a. Only one religion as National Religion
b. Three religions as National Religions
c. Five religions as National Religions
d. No religion as National Religion

20. One of the aims of Engineering Ethics is to
a. Inspire engineers to aquire in depth knowledge in their field
b. Stimulate the moral imagination
c. Aquire new skills in Engineering, Testing and Research
d. Make Engineers self Confident in discharging their duties

21 Professional Ethics is
a. Set of standards adopted by Professionals
b. Set of rules passed by Professional bodies
c. Traditional rules observed since a long time
d. Set of rules relating to personal character of professionals

22 One of the ways of misusing the truth is
a. Failure to seek out the truth
b. Exaggerating the truth
c. Making confused statement
d. Making totally false statement

23 Engineers shall issue public statements only
a. In subjective Manner
b. In objective Manner
c. On their personal responsibility
d. Based on the reports sent by higher officers

24 A person is detained under the special law
a. When he has committed criminal offence
b. When he has committed civil wrong
c. When there is likely hood of committing offence against public
d. When there are chances of escaping from India

25. Once the National Emergency is proclaimed, it should be approved by the parliament within
a. 6 Months
b. 3 Months
c. 2 Months
d. 1 Month

26. The owner of the patent right will be having patent rights for
a. 100Years
b. 75 Years
c. 50 Years
d. 20Years

27. Legislative Council is
a. Dissolved after 6 Yrs
b. Dissolved after 5Yrs
c. Dissolved after 3Yrs
d. Not dissolved

28. It is not a kind of trade mark
a. Designs
b. Sounds
c. Symbols
d. Goodwill

29 When the National Emergency is declared, the following article is suspended
a. Art 12
b. Art 14
c. Art 16
d. Art 19

30 The Chief Election Commissioner is appointed by the
a. Prime minister of India
b. Planning Commission
c. President of India
d. Chief Justice of India

31 Under Advisory Jurisdiction, the Supreme Court gives it’s opinion to
a. The Prime Minister
b. The Law Minister
c. The President
d. The High Court

32 A High Court Judge retires at the age of
a. 65
b. 63
c. 60
d. 62

33 One of the qualifications to become the Judge of the Supreme Court is
a. Practice in a High Court for at least 9 Yrs
b. Served as judge of High Court for at least 3 yrs
c. Practice in District Court for at least 12 Yrs
d. In the opinion of the President, he must be a distinguished Jurist

34 Raj Sabha is
a. Dissolved once in three years
b. Dissolved once in five years
c. A Permanent body
d. Dissolved once in six years

35 The President of India
a. Can be prosecuted
b. Cannot be prosecuted
c. Can be prosecuted only in the case of Criminal Conspiracy
d. Can be prosecuted only if the Parliament permits.

36 Writ can be directly filed
a. In the magistrate Court
b. In the Court of Civil Judge
c. In District and Sessions Court
d. In the Supreme Court

37 Professional Ethics takes into account of
a. The personal character of engineers
b. The temperament of engineers
c. The religious bent of mind of engineers
d. The social back-ground of engineers

38 To amend the constitution to change the procedure of election of the President of India, the bill has to be passed
a. By Simple majority
b. By Special majority
c. By Special majority, ratified by more than half of the states
d. By Special majority and consented by Chief Justice India

39. Constitution empowers state governments to make special law for
a. Women and children
b. Workers working in the mines
c. Farmers
d. Unemployed youths

40 Right against exploitation prohibits
a. Lending money at high interest
b. Giving in marriage minor girls
c. Women working at night in factories
d. Traffic in human being

41 One of the restrictions of freedom of speech and expression is
a. Contempt of Court
b. Degrading the office of the president
c. Speading discontent among the citizens
d. Holding unlawful assembly

42 Ex- post-facto-law means
a. An out –dated law
b. An invalid law
c. Passing Criminal law with retrospective effect
d. A law applicable only during emergency

43 This in one of the grounds for classification
a. Religion
b. Social status
c. Taxation
d. Annual income

44 Maximum percentage of reservation in educational institution is
a. 75%
b. 68%
c. 50%
d. 65%

45 When a person is detained under a special law
a. He should be released within three months
b. He should be produced within three months before the magistrate
c. An Advisory Board must be constituted within three months
d. A charge sheet must be filed within three months in the proper court

46. A writ of habeas corpus is issued
a. When a person is arrested arbitrarily
b. When the lower Court violates the principles of natural justice
c. When a public authority fails to discharge his public duty
d. When the lower court acts in excess of its authority

47 Common Civil Code means
a. Common Civil procedure Code
b. Common Civil law applicable to all
c. Civil law applicable to common man
d. Civil law applicable to Hindus, Muslims and Christians in certain matters

48. Fundamental duty demands
a. To abide by the constitution
b. To work sincerely
c. To avoid corruption
d. To abide by moral rules

49 President of India can be removed by
a. Chief Justice of India
b. Passing a resolution by the union Cabinet
c. Passing a resolution in Lok Sabha by two- third majority
d. Impeachment

50. President rule is imposed in a state
a. When there is no clear majority
b. When the Legislative Assembly passes a resolution to that effect
c. When there is difference of opinion between the Governor and the Chief Minister
d. When the state government does not follow the direction given by the Prime Minister.

51 Preamble of Indian Constitution
a. Is part of the constitution
b. Is not part of the constitution
c. Was considered to be part of the constitution
d. Is additional part of the constitution

52 Engineering Ethics
a. Stimulates the moral imagination
b. Provides up-to-date Knowledge in the field of Engineering
c. Stimulates to conduct research
d. Stresses on Time Management

53 Socially and educationally backward class means
a. People belonging to low caste
b. Scheduled caste and scheduled tribe people
c. Economically and educationally backward class people
d. Uncultured and uneducated people

54. Jobs are reserved for SC and ST people
a. At the time of appointment
b. At the time of promotion
c. Both at the time of appoint and promotion
d. On the basis of their annual income

55 Right to life includes
a. Right to die
b. Right to contest for election
c. Right to make a will
d. Right to get education

56 Writ of Prohibition
a. Prohibits police from interfering in one’s private affairs
b. Prohibits a person to continue in a public post
c. Prohibits lower court exceeding its jurisdiction
d. Prohibits judicial and quasi judicial authority from taking an action

57 Vice-president of India is elected
a. By the Members of Lok Sabha
b. By the Members of Raj Sabha
c. By the legislative Members of all the states
d. By the members of Lok Sabha and Raj Sabha

58 Original jurisdiction of the supreme Court relates to
a. Civil suits directly filed in the Supreme Court
b. Criminal Complaints directly filed in the Supreme Court
c. Writs directly filed in the Supreme Court
d. Disputes between the Union & the States

59 One of the views on responsibility of Engineers is
a. They are strictly liable
b. They are absolutely reliable
c. They should do good works
d. They should take reasonable responsibility

60 One of the impediments to responsibility is
a. Interference by politicians
b. Interference by higher officers
c. Rampant corruption at higher level
d. Self deception

61 Professional autonomy means
a. Independent body controlling profession
b. Liberty in selecting the work
c. Liberty to express independent view
d. Exercising independent and objective judgment

62 This is not a ground to declare state emergency
a. No clear majority
b. Not complying with the direction give by central government
c. Disobeying the direction given by Supreme Court
d. Failure to maintain law and order in the state

63 This is not a Directive Principle of state policy
a. Organize village Panchayat
b. Provide free Legal Aid
c. Secure living wage
d. Secure just and efficient judiciary

64 This is not a fundamental duty
a. To abide by constitution
b. To protect and improve natural environment
c. To develop scientific temper
d. Not to indulge in corrupt practice

65 It is not the objective enshrined in the Preamble
a. Justice Social Economic and Political
b. Liberty of thought and expression
c. Equality of Status
d. Secure shelter and proper livelihood to all

66 This is not the test for valid classification
a. Intelligible differentia
b. Relation between classification and the object sought to be achieved by the state
c. Arbitrariness
d. Social and educational backwardness

67 This is not the ground to impose restriction on the right of freedom of speech and expression
a. National Security
b. Law and order
c. Contempt of court
d. Morality or decency

68 This is not the power of the Chief Minister
a. Formation of Government
b. Control over ministers
c. Chief advisor to the Governor
d. Control over state judiciary

69 The President of India is not having
a. Executive Power
b. Diplomatic Power
c. Legislative Power
d. Power to control judiciary

70 The Election Commission has no power to conduct
a. Election to parliament
b. Election to state legislature
c. Election to the office of the President
d. Election to the speaker of the Lok Sabha

71 This is not the aim of studying Engineering Ethics
a. Analysing concepts
b. Addressing unclarity
c. Engaging sense of responsibility
d. Procuring faultless results

72 This is not dishonesty in Engineering Research and Testings
a. Crimping
b. Cooking
c. Forging
d. Plagiarism

73 Dr Rajendra Prasad was chairman of
a. Drafting committee
b. Constituent Assembly
c. Raj Sabha
d. First planning Commission

74 Number of members in Election Commission including the chairman is
a. Seven
b. Nine
c. Three
d. Five

75 Legislate means
a. Form Government
b. Make Constitutional amendment
c. Make law
d. Put Administrative Machinary into action

76 Natural Justice means
a. Justice not based on enacted law
b. Justice according providence
c. Just ,fair and reasonable action
d. Justice which is not based on technical formalities

77 Tight Couple means
a. Binding two beams tightly
b. Erecting two pillars side by side
c. Process tightly coupled
d. Strong addhesive material

78 Forging means
a. Signing in the name of some other person
b. Strengthening material by special process
c. Inventing research data which are reported
d. Mixing material under high pressure

79 Amend means
a. Remove the difficulties
b. Make the meaning more clear
c. Make the object of the act more clear
d. Omit

80 Enact means
a. Single chapter
b. Single action
c. Pass a law
d. Rectify the mistakes , in the law

81 Special majority means
a. More than fifty percent
b. More than seventy five percent
c. More than two third majority
d. More than sixty six percent

82 Special leave means
a. Leave with salary
b. Leave without salary
c. Permission granted by the Supreme Court to appeal
d. Leave granted only to Supreme Court Judges before retirement

83 Respite means
a. Death due to strangulation
b. Death due to drowning
c. Awarding lesser punishment
d. Painless death

84 Violate means
a. Use Violence
b. Use force
c. Commit breach of law
d. Over-rule

85 Interpret means
a. Interrupting in the exercise of legal right
b. Passing a law by absolute majority
c. Ascertaining the meaning of a word
d. Amending a law to make it more effective

86 Right to privacy includes
a. Right to move freely through out the territory of India
b. Right to reside in any part of India
c. Right to practice any profession
d. Right to personal liberty

87 Minority may be
a. Linguistic or religious
b. Regional or national
c. Racial or regional

d. National or racial

88 The basic attitude towards responsibility is
a. Intentionally causing harm
b. Negligently causing harm
c. Minimalist
d. Recklessly causing harm

89 Conflict of interest may be
a. False
b. Potential
c. Created
d. Imaginary

90 The President of India is bound to follow the advice given by
a. The Prime minister of India
b. The Attorney general of India
c. The Chief Justice of India
d. The Council of ministers

91 This is not the function of the Lok Sabha
a. Legislative Function
b. Financial Function
c. Controlling the executive
d. Judicial function

92 Appellate Jurisdiction of the supreme court does not include
a. Appeals in civil cases
b. Appeals in Criminal cases
c. Special leave to appeal
d. Appeals against writs

93 One of the characteristics of profession is that
a. Usually it is having monopoly
b. It demands hard work
c. It is based on honesty
d. It is having tough competition

94 Ordinance can be promulgated by

a. Lok Sabha
b. President of India
c. Lok Sabha and Raj Sabha
d. Prime minister

95 This is not impediment to responsibility
a. Fear
b. Self deception
c. Ignorance
d. Self respect

96 The chief election Commissioner is appointed by
a. The Prime Minister
b. The President
c. The Chief Justice of the supreme court
d. The law minister of India

97 Freedom of press is included in
a. Right to carry on any occupation
b. Right to personal liberty
c. Right to freedom of speech and expression
d. Right to education

98 Expert Testimony means
a. Tested by expert engineer
b. Evidence give by a person having competent technical knowledge
c. Document drafted by a legal expert
d. Designed by expert engineer

99 Fraternity
a. Fatherly treatment
b. Spirit of brotherhood
c. Unity and integrity of the nation
d. Elimination of economic injustice

100 Who officiates in the absence of president of India
a. Prime Minister
b. Vice president
c. Speaker of Lok Sabha
d. Chief Justice of India

Third and Fourth Semester Syllabus.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

VTU awards Kalam with Doctrate.

BANGALORE: Former president Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, has proposed introduction of a six-month multi-disciplinary course at the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) at the the under-graduate level. “Once students undergo such a course, they can confidently enter the job market,” he said.H e was talking at the Raj Bhavan on Friday after a degree presentation ceremony was held by the VTU.Dr Kalam recalled his days at the Madras Institute of Technology when he was a student and noted that he worked on projects that involved system design, integration and management. Addressing the principals of engineering colleges who were assembled, he said that students must leave VTU with knowledge. “Knowledge involves three things: creativity, righteousness and courage,” he added.Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research(JNCASR) professor Dr Roddam Narasimha asked the VTU to introduce an undergraduate programme in aeronautical engineering. “Since Bangalore is the centre of aeronautics development in India, there are growing opportunities left untapped in this field.” He asked VTU to follow the footsteps of Sir M Visvevaraya, who was instrumental in establishing the aeronautics course at the Indian Institute of Science(IISc).Dr Kalam and Dr Roddam Narasimha were conferred with the ‘Doctor of Science’ (Honoris Causa) degree by Governor and VTU Chancellor Rameshwar Thakur on the occasion.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ist Semester Model Question Paper

Ist Semester Model Question Paper

1) Computer Concepts and C- Programming Download

2) Engineering Chemistry (06CHE12/22) Download

3) Elements of civil engineering & engineering mechanics Download

4) Basic Electrical Engineering Download

5) Basic Electronics Download

6) Elements of Mechanical Engineering Download

7) Engineering Mathematics- I Download


Friday, December 12, 2008

Model papers for 4th Semesters

Below are links to model papers for CS/ISE

MODEL QUESTION PAPERS according to subject code-

Civil Sciences III/IV sem:(Common for Civil Engineering,Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineeering)

Manufacturing Science and IEM

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Exams Postponed as Reported previously.

The official confirmation is out. See the notice above.

Visvesvaraya Technological University
Belgaum – 590 014, Karnataka State, INDIA
Dr. S A Kori Phone : (0831) 2498136
Registrar (Evaluation) Fax : (0831) 2405464
Ref. No/VTU/Exam/2008-2009/7576 Date :10th Dec. 2008
Sub: Postponement of Examinations – reg.
In view of the by elections to the Karnataka State Assembly, the Examinations
Scheduled on 27th December 2008 have been postponed and rescheduled on the
following dates:
Scheduled dates Details of Exams
Postponed and
rescheduled dates
01. All Postgraduate Papers i.e. MCA/M.Arch. Wednesday, 31st December 2008
02. 27th December 2008 All Undergraduate Papers i.e. B.E. /B. Tech./ B.Arch. Monday, 19thJanuary 2009
The examinations scheduled on the above dates are postponed and
rescheduled to the dates mentioned against the courses.
The Principals of all the affiliated Engineering Colleges are hereby requested to
bring the contents of this notification to the notice of all the concerned.
By order,
The Principals of all Engineering colleges.
Copy FWC's to:
1. Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor through the Sec. to VC, VTU Belgaum, for information.
2. The Registrar, VTU Belgaum, for information.
3. The Special Officers of VTU Regional Offices, for information & needful.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

List of Ebooks by foreign authors.

Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics (3rd Edition) Solution Manual only
by Douglas C. Giancoli

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Second Edition (Solution Manual only)
by Charles Alexander

Advanced Modern Engineering Mathematics 3rd Edition (Solution Manual)
by Glyn James

Solution Manual for Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, 8th Edition
by J. David Irwin

Introduction to Solid State Physics (Solution Manual)
by Charles Kittel

Solution Manual to The Econometrics of Financial Markets
by Petr Adamek

Solution Manual-Digital signal Processing
by Mitra

Mechanics of Materials ( Solution manual )
by James M. Gere

Electric Circuits, 8th Edition Solution Manual Only
James W Nilsson, Susan Riedel

Transport Phenomena (Solution Manual)
by R. Byron Bird

Solutions Manual for Techniques of Problem Solving
by Luis Fernandez

Chemical Reaction Engineering Handbook of Solved Problems
by Stanley M. Walas

Physics for Scientists and Engineers Solution Manual
by Paul A. Tipler

Derivatives Markets, 2nd Edition - Solutions Manual
by Robert L. McDonald

Data & Computer Communications, 7th Edition [Solutions Manual only]
by William Stallings

Introduction to Heat Transfer 4th Edition SOLUTION MANUAL
by Frank P. Incropera

Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Student Solutions Manual, 3rd Edition
by Bruce R. Munson

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics SOLUTION MANUAL
by Richard E. Sonntag

Thomas' Calculus (10th Edition) Solutions Manual
by George B. Thomas

Analytical Mechanics Solutions Manual
by Grant R. Fowles

Engineering Fluid Mechanics, 7th Edition - Student Solutions Manual
by Clayton T. Crowe

Applied Strength of Materials (4th Edition) SOLUTION MANUAL
by Robert L. Mott

solutions manual for Mechanics of Materials Sixth Edition
by R.C.Hibbeler

by George B. Thomas

Communications Systems
by Simon Haykin

Modern Control Engineering, 3rd edition, 1996
by Katsuhiko Ogata

Signals and Systems, 2nd Edition
by Alan V. Oppenheim, Alan S. Willsky

Fundamentals of Thermodynamics SOLUTION MANUAL
by Richard E. Sonntag
Download Solutions Manual

Physics for Scientists and Engineers
by Raymond A. Serway and John W. Jewett
Download Solutions Manual

University physics 11th edition solution manual
by Young and Freedman
Download Solution Manual

Fundamentals of Physics, 7th Edition - Instructor's SOLUTIONS MANUAL
Resnick Halliday

Physics For Scientists And Engineers 6E
By Serway And Jewett
Download Solutions Manual

Vector Mechanics for Engineers Statics, 7th Edition
By Russel Johnson

Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems, 5th ed
by Marion, Thornton

Classical Mechanics Solution Manual
by Goldstein and Safko

Microeconomic Analysis
by Hal R. Varian

Download Solution Manual

Microwave Engineering, 3rd Edition
by David M. Pozar
Book as well as Solution Manual is here:
Download Book as well as Solution Manual

Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design 2nd edition
by Donald A. Neamen

Digital signal processing - A computer-based approach
by Sanjit K. Mitra

Microwave and rf design of wireless systems
by Pozar

Solution Automatic Control Systems 8Ed
by Kuo and Golnaraghi

Control Systems Engineering
by Nise
Download Solution Manual

Antenna Theory
By Balanis

Solutions Manual To Electric Circuits, 7th Edition
by Carl Nilsson

Solution Manuals for Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics For Solid State Electronics and Optics
by C. L. Tang

Solution Manuals for Applied Quantum Mechanics
by A. F. J. Levi

Solution Manuals for Advanced Dynamics
by Donald T. Greenwood
Download Solution Manual

Digital Design (3rd Edition)
by M. Morris Mano
Download Part-1

Download Part-2

High-Speed Digital System Design
A Handbook of Interconnect Theory and Design Practices
by Stephen H. Hall

Solution Manuals for The Economics of Financial Markets
by Roy E. Bailey

IBM WebSphere RFID Handbook A Solution Guide
by IBM Redbooks

Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems Solutions Manual
by Theodore Wildi
Download Solutions Manual

Engineering Mechanics Dynamics SOLUTION MANUAL
by Russell C. Hibbeler

Computer Organization and Design
The Hardware/Software Interface, 3rd edition SOLUTION MANUAL
by David A. Patterson

Finite Element Method Volume 1
by O. C. Zienkiewicz

RF Circuit Design Theory and Applications Solution Manual
by Reinhold Ludwig

Applied Strength of Materials SOLUTION MANUAL
by Robert L. Mott

Advanced Macroeconomics, Solutions Manual
by Romer

Solution Manual
by Erwin Kreyszig

Solution Manual for Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction
by K. W. Morton

Engineering Mathematics, 4th Edition, Solution Manual
Download Solution Manual

Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 9th Edition
by Erwin Kreyszig

Instructor's Manual For Advanced Engineering Mathematics 9th Edition
by Erwin Kreyszig

Electric Circuits (7th Edition)
by James W. Nilsson Susan Riedel
Solution Manual

Signal Processing and Linear Systems - Solution Manual
By B.P. Lathi

Fracture Mechanics Solution Manual
by Northam Anderson

Heat Transfer A Practical Approach. Solution Manual
by Yunus A. Cengel
Download Solution Manual

Heat Transfer A Practical Approach
by Yunus A. Cengel

Introduction to Heat Transfer Solution's Manual
by peyman pourmoghaddam

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Second Edition
by Charles Alexander, Matthew Sadiku
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Chemical Reaction Engineering, 3rd Edition Solution Manual
by Octave Levenspiel

Instructor's Solution Manual for Serway's & Jewett's Physics for Scientists and Engineers
by Ralph V. McGrew

Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
by J.M. Smith
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Introduction to Heat Transfer 4th Edition
by Frank P. Incropera

Solution Manual for An Introduction to Numerical Analysis
by Endre Suli

Solution Manual for Classical Mechanics
by R. Douglas Gregory

Engineering Mechanics Dynamics (11th Edition)
by Russell C. Hibbeler
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Lab Programs for Computer Sc. and Information Sc.

Analysis & design of Algorithms Lab * updated *

DataBase Management System Lab Programs

Data Structures Lab

OOP with C++ Lab

Computer Concepts & Programming Lab

CGI Introduction [PPT]

Perl CGI Lab Programs

PHP Lab Programs

PHP Power Pt. Presentation

Servlet PPT

Servlet Programs

Computer Graphics Lab Programs

System Software Lab Programs


There has been no official confirmation yet on December,27th Examination by VTU. There are rumours doing rounds like a circular has been put up in GIT,Belgaum. But nothing can be confirmed for sure. In the present situation its advisable to all our readers that kindly concentrate on there studies and don go by the rumours. If there would be any official confirmation then we would publish it here.Else December,27th Exam would go on as shecduled.All the best.
Official Confirmation out on VTU site.
Or this link:

MBA 9th December 2008 exam postponed on the eve of Bakrid

MBA 9th December 2008 exam postponed on the eve of Bakrid and

rescheduled on Tuesday 23rd December 2008.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Postponment of December 27th examination.

We can bring you an unconfirmed reports that the VTU externals scheduled to be held on December 27th is postponed with regards to the by-election(read the article below). The new date is been decided as Monday 19th,January,2009.This report would be confirmed as soon as possible.Please keep following this page for the confirmation.


BJP gears up for Dec 27 by-elections in Karnataka

Mon, Nov 24 01:26 PM

Bangalore, Nov 24 (PTI) Short of simple majority by three seats in the 224-member Karnataka assembly and surviving with the support of six independents, the first BJP government in the state is all geared up to win the seven bypolls scheduled to be held on December 27. The BJP, which has 110 members including the Speaker, sees the bypolls as an opportunity to regain majority in the House on its own.

BJP requires 113 for simple majority. Congress has 77 and JD(S) has 23 members in the House.

By-elections were due for eight seats, but polls would be held only for seven as an election petition was pending in the Karnataka High Court with regard to the Madhugiri seat. The bypolls were necessitated after the B S Yeddyurappa ministry in a calibrated exercise codenamed 'Operation Lotus' encouraged defections of MLAs from the opposition Congress and JD(S) ranks who resigned their membership.

The BJP has geared up for the by-elections, a day after the Election Commission announced the schedule in the state, and converted its two-day session called to discuss on development programmes with its legislators today at a hotel into a poll strategy evolving meeting. "We will announce candidates for the all seven seats in two days.

There are possibilities that party might change candidates in some of the constituencies which will go to bypoll," Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa told reporters before presiding over the meeting. Welcoming the announcement of poll schedule, he exuded confidence that the party would win in all the seven seats.

However, Yeddyurappa said, the outcome of the election would not be a referendum on his government's performance. PTI.