Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bangalore region reval results announced for IV SEM

Bangalore region results announced for IV sem.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

VTU Reval Results available on this site.

VTUNEWS brings to you a all new feature. To celebrate the 100 posts to the blog we bring you a feature that enable you to check your result directly from the VTUNEWS website. Just type in the USN No. on to the right under the flash news and click submit to see your result. Saving you the strain of opening the ever busy and slow VTU's official site.Just click back on checking your result to return to this page. So check your results here. And all the best!!! And keep visiting.

B.E. IV semester revaluation results announced for Mysore region.

B.E. IV semester revaluation results announced for Mysore region.
Bangalore region results expected anytime.
The link is here.

Monday, November 19, 2007

B.E. III and IV semester revaluation results announced.

B.E. III revaluation results announced.
B.E. IV semester revaluation results announced for Belgaum and Gulbarga region.
Mysore and Bangalore region results will be announced on 20-Nov-2007
The link is here.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Maximum time permitted for completion of course under VTU.

Clarification regarding Relaxation in maximum duration of UG and PG courses of VTU. It is hereby clarified that two additional years are provided to the Under Graduate Course students and one additional year is provided to the Post Graduate course students, in addition to the existing maximum duration specified in the regulations of B.E./B.Tech./B.Arch./MBA/MCA/ M.Tech. courses, as a special one time measure.

This benefit is extended for all students admitted under the scheme applicable during 1998-2001 regulation(i.e. upto 2001 batch of students).

These students are permitted to take admissions/ readmissions to higher semester, if they are eligible to do so.

The last examination permitted to appear for the students belonging to various programmes under this benefit is as detailed below.
Year of Admission
Year of completion
Last exam permitted under
special benefit
B.E./ B.Tech. 1998-1999 2005-2006 July -2008

1999-2000 2006-2007 July -2009

2000-2001 2007-2008 July -2010

2001-2002 2008-2009 July -2011
B.Arch. 1998-1999 2008-2009 July- 2011

1999-2000 2009-2010 July- 2012

2000-2001 2010-2011 July- 2013

2001-2002 2011-2012 July- 2014

All PG batches who have completed their maximum duration in the year 2004-2005 and earlier are permitted one more additional year i.e. 2005-2006 to complete their course.These students should submit the thesis, if applicable, before 10/07/2006.

Going by this Circular a 2003- 2004 batch can write there last exam in July-2011.There was some discrepancies in my last Query. Please make a note of it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Timetable for 5th Semester IEM:: Timing is wrong in the previous post.

  • 26th December,2007: Industrial engg
  • 28th December,2007: D.O.M
  • 31th December,2007: DME 2 [New Year eve :( ]
  • 02nd January,2008: MP2
  • 04th January,2008: Statistics
  • 07th January,2008: CAD

TIMINGS: 9.30 to 12.30 pm

Caution: The time-table given above is expected. Please do confirm it with your college authorities.

Generalized 5th semester Timetable:: Timing wrong in previous post.

  • 26th December,2007: SUB- Code 51
  • 28th December,2007: SUB- Code 52
  • 31th December,2007: SUB- Code 53 [New Year eve :( ]
  • 02nd January,2008: SUB- Code 54
  • 04th January,2008: SUB- Code 55
  • 07th January,2008: SUB- Code 56
TIMINGS: 9.30to 12.30 pm

Caution: The time-table given above is expected. Please do confirm it with your college authorities.

Answer to Queries13

Query: sir i got year back after 4th sem this pls tell me weather to study new syllabus or the old schmefor coming 5th sem..or tell me can we study old syllabus itself.
Answer: You are supposed to study the old syllabus, the same which you have previously studied.

Query: : is a query...i had a doubt...i joined engg in 2003...i was detained in 2nd sem due to attendance shortage..cme back n finished 2nd sem..then detained again cause i had mre than 4 backs...i cleared my subjects..i was elgible to enter into 3rd sem...but dropped a yr cause of medical reasons..nw its 2007..i have tken a fresh admission into 3rd sem...m in new teachers are so anti-me they are plannin to detain me..i wanted to ask..whether if they detain me again 3rd sem..will i b awarded nft(not fit for technical)
Answer: You had taken 3 years extra already permitted. So you can't afford to get detained again. If you detained again then you wont be able to satisfy the 7 year max. limit. So you better talk to your teachers, i guess they would understand. And ya this time limit is university spoeacific, If you can get into some other university through lateral entry with little more flexibilities regarding year limit then you can easily complete your engineering. All the best!!

Query: respected sir, i am unable 2 find the syllabus for 7th sem IEM branch. kindly provide me with the above or provide me the link if its available on d net. thanking you,
Answer: We would try to get it as soon as possible. Please be patient.

Query: can u pls tell us on what criteria are grace marks given in challenge reval? (the challenge reval result sheet clearly has a column for grace marks and many of them have been awarded grace marks from 1 to 5)
Answer: Sorry, I am very much unaware about grace marks in Challenge Reval. Would try to confirm you the procedure as soon as possible.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Answer to Queries12

Query: I am Impressed ur website, as i want to know how to send Query?
Answer:Thanks for your appreciation. You just posted a query.

Query: Respected Sir I Need 1 Sem MBA Notes Plese send me or give me any site address related to vtu syllabus Thank you
Answer: Your request is under process. We would try to bring it on this site asap.

Query: sir please send me the semester time table for first semester chemistry cycle exam thank you sir.
Answer: The time-table would be put up on this site within 3 days.

Query: timing is wrong in 5th sem time table
Answer: We apologize for our mistake.

Query:it is really helpful can you also update question papers of fifth semester ece
Answer: The Examination papers for all semester would be put up in the near future.

Query: hi,i am getting how to download advanced microprocessor-8086 programming ie masm software so can u please help me in downloading it.
Answer: Sorry, that link has being bad lately. We would put up a new link soon.

B.E. I and II semester revaluation results announced for all regions.

B.E. I and II semester revaluation results announced for all regions.
The results are available here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

B.E. I and II semester revaluation results announced for Belgaum, Gulbarga and Mysore regions.

B.E. I and II semester revaluation results announced for Belgaum, Gulbarga and Mysore regions.

Bangalore region revaluation results will be announced Today i.e. on 14 Nov. 2007.

The results are available here.