Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Generalized 5th semester Timetable

  • 26th December,2007: SUB- Code 51
  • 28th December,2007: SUB- Code 52
  • 31th December,2007: SUB- Code 53 [New Year eve :( ]
  • 02nd January,2008: SUB- Code 54
  • 04th January,2008: SUB- Code 55
  • 07th January,2008: SUB- Code 56
TIMINGS: 2 to 5 pm

Caution: The time-table given above is expected. Please do confirm it with your college authorities.

Timetable for 5th Semester IEM

  • 26th December,2007: Industrial engg
  • 28th December,2007: D.O.M
  • 31th December,2007: DME 2 [New Year eve :( ]
  • 02nd January,2008: MP2
  • 04th January,2008: Statistics
  • 07th January,2008: CAD

TIMINGS: 2 to 5 pm

Caution: The time-table given above is expected. Please do confirm it with your college authorities.

B.E. V and VI semester revaluation results announced

B.E. V and VI semester revaluation results announced.
The results are available here.

Last date for applying for Challenge revaluation for B.Arch is 7-11-2007
Last date for applying for Challenge revaluation for B.E. V and VI semester is 10-11-2007.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

B.Arch. Revaluation results announced.

B.Arch. Revaluation results announced.
The result is available on the link

Rules of Revaluiation from VTU site

Here we bring you rules of revaluation as per VTU website in brief. The rules are as follows:

A candidate can apply for revaluation of the answer scripts within 2 weeks from the date of announcement of results. The answer scripts, which are to be sent for revaluation, will be given new code numbers and masking the markings made by the Ist examiner, revaluation will be carried out.

  • If the re-valuation marks are less than the original marks, then the original marks shall be retained.
  • The candidate is given the benefit of the revaluation marks in full if the difference between the original marks and re-valuation marks is 5% or within 5% of the maximum marks.
  • When the difference between the original marks and the re-valuation marks is above 5 and equal to or below 15 of the maximum marks, the first five marks are given in full and only 50% of the remaining excess marks will be added to the marks of the candidate. Any fraction of a number is rounded to the next full integer.
  • The average of the marks of nearest two valuations shall be considered as the marks secured by the candidate. However, if one of the three marks falls exactly midway between the other two, then the higher two marks shall be taken for averaging. If there is any change in the marks after the revaluation, corrected statement of marks card shall be issued to the candidate.


Photocopy of the script will be supplied within 4 weeks after the receipt of the application at the Regional Office. The candidate, if he / she wants, can apply for retotalling and or revaluation within three days from the date of obtaining the photocopy of the answer script.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Syllabus for Biotechnology all semesters

Course Information
Semester III CourseInfo_III_sem_BT.pdf (635 KB)
Semester III CourseInfo_III_sem_BT_New.pdf (572 KB)
Download (New)
Semester IV BT_Course_Info_4-Sem.pdf (277 KB)
Download (New)
Semester V CourseInfo_V_sem_BT.pdf (350 KB)
Semester V CourseInfo_V_sem_BT_New.pdf (318 KB)
Download (New)
Semester VI BT_Course_Info_6-Sem.pdf (240 KB)
Download (New)
Semester VII CourseInfo_VII_sem_BT_New.pdf (381 KB)
Download (New)
Semester VIII BT_Course_Info_8-Sem.pdf (186 KB)
Download (New)

Friday, October 26, 2007

List of College required.

This time we want your response to know what you feel. We plan to hold a poll on the Best College in Bangalore. And we want your response regarding the name of colleges to be included in the poll. So watch out and don't forget to send in your college name so that it gets included in the poll conducted. Hurry up!

Modular Programming,Interrupts, DOS Services presentation

The power point presentation on Modular Programming in Advanced Microprocessor 8086 can be downloaded from the link given here.

While the presentation on Interrupts, DOS Services can be downloaded from the link given here.

And other presentations by Prof Anitha can be downloaded from the following links:

Keep visiting for more notes and study materials.

Photocopies available in respective dept. or colleges.

The students who have applied for reval with photo-copy may collect the photocopies as by now it will be available with most of the colleges.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Answer to Queries11

Query: Sir, First of all i would like to congratulate you for coming out with this beautiful website and wanted to tell you that it has become quite popular among us students.Your website is of immense help to us students and keeps us informed about the latest developments. Also,i wanted to know how can i post query and when will be the revaluation results for II sem be announced. Thankyou
Answer: Thanks, for your appreciations. The doubt regarding how can you post a query is simple. You just posted one. As simple as that. Or you can even leave a comment which would also be answered. And your inquiry about the reval results of the second semester exams then it would take 20 days min. So keep visiting. All the best!

Query: Sir pls send the notes of vtu computer science iii & iv sem.
Answer: Please refer to the link given:

Query: it has been almost 2 months since we got our 6th sem results...we still have not got our reval results...why is it being delayed like this...any idea as to when they will announce the reval results???
Answer: It would take around 15 days more for the reval results of 6th semester exans to be declared. So be patient and all the best.

Query: Respected Sir,
Could you please tell me when 6th semester revaluation results will be announced.
i have completed my 8th semester degree exams but not able to attened interviews as my 6th sem results have not yet been announce.
Please help me.
Answer: I can understand your problem. Its something about the university which is very irritating. I hope the results will be out in next 15 days. So all the best for your interviews.

Query:Can you please help me with Field theory notes for 3rd Sem E&C
Answer: Please refer to the link:
More notes will be uploaded soon.

Query: who the f@#$%^g person said that control system paper was set by a lecturer of s.i.t we here more than 60% failures in control person.. if i could get the f@#$%^g lecturer who has set the paper then i will kill than m@#$%r f@#$%r
Answer: Chill dude. I can very well understand your disappointment with the control's paper. Hope for the best during the revals.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Projects of Vth Semester CSE and ISE.

Here we provide free download of 5th Semester projects with project report for the System Software Lab of CSE and ISE branches.

To download just click on the link provided.

Lexical Analyser:

Text Editor:
Linux Shell Implementation:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Poll Closed.

Which is the toughest semester in VTU engineering?

Ist Semester

28 (9%)

IInd Semester

34 (11%)

IIIrd Semester

98 (32%)

IVth Semester

171 (56%)

Vth Semester

48 (15%)

VIth Semester

31 (10%)

VIIth Semester

16 (5%)

VIIIth Semester

12 (3%)

Votes so far: 301
Poll closed

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Advanced Microprocessor (EC 54)

Advanced Microprocessor

e-Notes Topic Subject Matter Experts
S. Jagannathan
Assembler Directives....
Anita Khanavalli
Addressing Modes...
Interrupts, DOS Services.....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Digital Signal Processing notes.

Digital Signal Processing

e-Notes Topic Subject Matter Experts
Discrete Fourier Transform.....
Vineetha P Gejje
Design of Digital Filters
Goertzel’s Algorithm ......
K.A.Radhakrishna Rao

Control Engineering for 5th semester mechanical.

Control Engineering

e-Notes Topic Subject Matter Experts
Control Engineering-Introduction........

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Answer to Queries10

Query: Respected Sir; Pls Send me to the All notes of iii sem & IV Sem of computer science.
Answer: Few of the material available on the website for the Computer Science students are listed as:

Much more of the notes will be available in near future. So keep visiting this website.

Query: can u pls tell us when we can expect 6th sem reval results???
Answer: The reval results will be available within a month from now for the 6th semester examination.

Query: Respected VTU, please mail me the exam time table for 8th semester B.E( Information science ).my Email Id is
Answer: The exam time table is available at
Any new time-table will be made available in that section.

Query: Hi, I am currently out of dcountry. I passed out on 2005 computerscince fromm SSIT under VTU. I need Old VTU syllabus for Computer scince urgently for imigration process. Kindly provide me a soft copy in my maild id *****@***** or if hard copy . waiting for response regards debasis
Answer: Debashis, Sorry for the delay. I would provide you with the link which has the syllabus. And for the old syllabus you would have to wait for 2 days as it gets uploaded. The current link is

Query: yeah, can u just tell us when 4th and 6th sem reval results can be expected?
Answer: They will be available within one month from now.

Answer: You should follow the old syllabus.

Query: i had wrote for 80 marks...but valuatotor give only 14 marks ...worst vtu correction...
Answer: I hope you had put it for reval. All the best!

Query:i failed in unix(mca IIsem),if i put revaluation any chance to pass
Answer: In vtu reval results are much better then the normal evaluation. You should put for reval.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Modified Final Scheme and Syllabus for III and IV sem B. E.

Download the Modified Final Scheme and Syllabus for III and IV sem B. E. from the links given below:

The above syllabus of Mechanical Science is Common for the following Courses. So download the upper version in case of below given streams:
  1. Aeronautical Engineering
  2. Automobile Engineering
  3. Industrial and Production Engineering
  4. Industrial Engineering and Management
  5. Manufacturing Science and Engineering
  6. Mechanical Engineering
The above syllabus of Civil Science is Common for the following Courses. So download the upper version in case of below given streams:
  • Civil Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Construction Technology and Management