Sunday, September 30, 2007

Answer to Queries9

Query::i failed in unix(mca IIsem),if i put revaluation any chance to pass.
Answer:: Its any day better to put in reval because one cant predict anything about vtu corrections.

Query:: hi..pls help am not able to down load 3rd & 4th sem E&E sylllabus.
Answer:: Click on the link given there. If page doesn't open then reload the page. For better performance of VTU NEWS use Mozilla Firefox. Download it from here.

Query:: hi i just joined auden college of engineering its new but i had no choice i took instrumentation but actually wanted to take cs as it has more scope.also in my branch there are only 14 i want to know whether i can change my college and how can i do so.pls do advise whether i will profit from the i need any 'internal' help to change my colege.pls clear my doubts.
Answer:: In VTU one needs Mutual transfer for changing a college. So you need to find someone with your desired seat and ready to take your seat in exchange. Moreover I.T is a tough branch. So watch out! And about so called 'internal' help i have just one word to say contacts do matter.

Query:: i find the site less concentrating on mech .pls provide tips for 5 sem my friends too need them.although seniors do their part but they arent that reliable .and thank u very much for ur warm and pleasing reply
Answer:: The site would be regularly be updated with the course materials for different streams. Keep visiting!

Query:: sir i want to know how many marks can be obtained from previour year question papers and how many years paper should be the questions repeat from previous years syllabus have been changed for 3rd sem can we go thou, previous year paper or any new scheme have come.can you help me to get the blue print for all the subjects in computer science third semister.pleeeeeeeee help me out and kinly reply
Answer:: There are only few types of question which are trend questions. So one can get a fairly good idea about the kind of questions possible and important by referring the previous years papers. Moreover one can visit this site before the exams to get a set of important questions before the externals which are created after an analysis of previoius year questions.

Friday, September 21, 2007

MBA I & II semester results announced

MBA I & II semester results announced.
The result is available at the link :

MCA III & IV semester results announced

MCA III & IV semester results announced .
The result is available at the link :

Thursday, September 20, 2007

MBA III semester results announced.

MBA III semester results announced.
The result is available at the link :

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Answer to Queries8

Query:i joined bangalore college of engineering and technology cet code ** but in first 2 years ive only been depressed of my college and didnt concentrate much on my studies i was thinkin of quitting and joining thru aieee but now i think ill have 2 continue 1 had m1 back and cleared in 3 attempts and then i had som which i am still to clear .in 4 sem i have dme kom m4 . now im poised to do well.i have big dreams my math is weak.pls suggest wat shold i focus on wat are my future options. should i think of changing college. pls reply soon i want to concentrate!
Answer: You are in third year now.. Almost thtough the major bulk of engineering. So no point thinking about changing your college. Just put all such thoughts in a box and throw it somewhere. Concentrate in your studies. Try to clear all your backs and mantain a 60% aggregrate. Its not a big deal. And ya one doesnt need their math to be strong to clear vtu. They need to select the correct 5 questions to prepare for. So buck up. And talk to your seniors to know the right combinations. And you would do well for sure. Dont worry. Its just a mtter of 2 more years. And anyways the fourth year is cake walk. So just try to concentrate on your studies. And you would clear it. God bless you. All the best!An ya do remeber one thing.. Depression just creates valleys.. it never creates the strong and powerful mountains so get out of your depression as soon as possible.

Query:Sir/Mam, When we can expect the MCA 2nd semester results.
Answer: We would update the site as soon as we get any information about it.

Query:hello, i liked the web i got my 3rd year results. unfortunately i got 5 backs. i have the following queries
1> what exactly happens in the revaluation process? i went thru the website but dint get a lot of info and the info given there is complicated too
2>when does a student become eligible to get grace marks?
3>is it true that students studying in good colleges are less likely to get a year back?
4>how seriously is the revaluation process carried out?
5>does vtu still have the method of valuating the paper in front of the candidate if he/she is applyting for challenge re-valuation? i am very low at this moment ..........plz help....plz help
Answer: Its sad to know about your result. The answer to all your queries are:
1> The revaluation process gets your answer script re evaluated by a different examiner. Sometimes, the pattern of correction changes in re evaluation so there is good chance of increase in re evaluation. All the best!
2> The student becomes elidgible to get grace marks only if he is missing a FCD by 5 marks or less.
3> Its a mere belief. The vtu is not at all bias with its colleges.
4> In most of the cases the revauation process correction is by far better then normal correction and a significant increase of marks is noticed in revaluation.
5> The student can just apply for photo-copy of his/her answer script. The paper would in no circumstances be evaluated in front of him or her.
Don't feel low. Just hope for the best. Be optimistic.

Query: have failed a subject for the last time possible and I think I need to take readmission.I wanted to know whether the limit for completing the BE course has been changed from 8 years to 9 or 10 years.Also,please tell me if I can do ANYTHING to get admitted again this year.I want to continue my BE but see no light....Thanks.
Answer: The maximum limit to complete engineering under VTU is 8 years. There is no way in which you can get admitted this year except if you clear the subject after the reevaluation results.

Query: hi,
u am krishna.i lost my eligibility while going from 4th to 5th semester.
their is going to be a change of syllabus for the 5th semester from next year. what i am going to study next year? if it is the old syllabus then should i have to study subjects which are not there? if i have to study new syllabus then will i have to study the subjects which i have studied again?
can some one please tell me about this?
Answer: If you are not taking a readmission, then you would have to carry on with the old scheme.. that's the old subject and syllabus which you have already studied once.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The entire modified syllabus and teaching scheme for third and the fourth semester electrical and electronics engineering is available here.
Click to open in a new window.

No results for VI th semester mailed

We are sorry to say that we were not able to mail any of the results of the Fourth Semester due to a software glitch with our system. We promise to get rid of it as soon as possible.

B.E./ B.Tech. IV semester Bangalore region results announced.

B.E./ B.Tech. IV semester Bangalore region results announced.

The result is available at the link :

Monday, September 17, 2007

B.E./ B.Tech. IV semester Bangalore region results would probably be announced on 18th September after 6.00 PM.

B.E./ B.Tech. IV semester Bangalore region results would probably be announced on 18th September after 6.00 PM.

Answer to Queries7

Query: i wan't information about vtu results
Answer: It would probably be announced tomorrow after 6pm.

Query: i have got 4 back papers in 4th semI(now i am in 5th sem) and i am from 2005 batch.i'll be writing those papers in the coming exams but i am confused that whether i have to study the subject's syllabus of my juniors who are now in 3rd/4th sem or should i study the same thing which i had read before.please guide me.
Answer: Your syllabus would be same as the before. There would be different paper for you and the junior batch. All the best!

Query: Dear Sir,

Thanks for this website, i heard that this site is of great help for students from VTU.

I Victor Sandeep has been graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2005 from VTU, i have a request, Can you please post complete 4years syllabus scheme that includes teaching hours/week & examination weightage of marks for Mechanical Engineering that is on 2001.Please help me in getting syllabus scheme because i'm in an urgent need.

Please help me & your help in this regard is very much appreciated.

Thanking you Sir

Answer: Victor, you request is under process. We would try to get the required material as soon as possible.

Query: Could anyone suggest good books/websites for GATE preparation? What are the procedures/requirements to do an ME/Mtech,
I am currently doing my 5th sem E&C ...
Please help.
Answer: A post on further studies opportunity and requirements will soon be put up on the website. Please be patient.

Query: hi!!!i m in is stream,5th sem.if u could help me out wit the subjects.i mean to say lik the chapters i can prepare frm each subject so tat i can get good marks.i hope u understood my question.waiting fr ur reply
Answer: Keep visiting this website. A subject related analysis would be put up soon.

i request us to give me a previous Q-papers of 5th sem cse.....!
Answer: You are at the right place. We would be putting up all semester previous year papers on this website.

Thanks for all of you indispensable feedback. We are working on it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

B.E./ B.Tech. III and IV semester result announced for all Belgaum and Gulbarga regions

September 14, 2007


B.E./ B.Tech. III and IV semester result announced for all Belgaum and Gulbarga regions. Mysore region results will be announced tommorow i.e. 14 Sep. 2007.
Bangalore region results will be announced on 17th Sep. 2007.

The result is available at the link :

MCA V semester results announced.

MCA V semester results announced.

The result is available at the link :

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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University Topper IIst semester: Computer Science Engineering.

University Top Rankers

Computer Science & Engineering

Name Marks

University Topper IInd semester: Civil Engineering.

Civil Engineering

Name Marks

University Topper IInd semester: Chemical Engineering.

University Top Rankers

Chemical Engineering

Name Marks

Answer to Queries6

Query:dear mam/sir there is rumears that some software is currupted in vtu so the results will be late if so when will be please reply me i am awaiting for the results pleaseeeeeeeeeee!
Answer: Its a rumour, as you said.. so no point trusting it. The results are not delayed and i expect them to be declared this weekend. All the best and do well!

Query: wat is the pass percentage of cse and ise 4th sem??
Answer: The results are not declared yet. So how can the pass percent be predicted. Wait for the results. All the best.

Query:why is the 4th sem results being delayed?what is the reason for the delay?
Answer:The results are not been delayed. Its as per schedule. The third and fourth semester results are expected to be declared at the last and after the first years one since there is alot of stream change after the first year's result. Be patient.

Query: how many back subjects are allowed for the promotion of third sem?
Answer: A maximum of four backs of the first and second semester is allowed to be elidgible for the third semester.

Query: in 5th sem EC now,and i want do m -tech also phd in communication technology. every one is preparing seriously for the campus interview i don want to go for job now itself so am not bothered about campus selection .am i going in a wrong path or am i doin the right thing pleas tell me your opinion scared:-(
Answer:Higher studies always gives you a better options and obviously a better job. So i don think you should be confused. Be confident about your decision. And if you still feel you might be going wrong then sit for the campus interview and keep it as a option for the worst case scenario.
All the best!!

Query: sir send me 5 th sem exam time table,,,,,,,and
can u tell me when will be display 3 and 4 sem results.
Answer: The exam table would be put up soon. And the answer for the other part of the question has already been answered in the previous query.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Answer to Queries5

Is 3rd and 4th sem results are coming before or after ganesha festival?
Answer: Its tough to predict but my experience says it would be around the ganesh chaturthi festival.. that weekend, most probably.

Query: Hi,

Please provide me the 1st Year Engg Syallabus details for Comp Science.

Answer: It would be put up on this website very soon.. Keep visiting!!

Query: i am doing my civil engg, i am scared may be i might not get placement due to my branch is it true??
Answer: No need to get scared, at the end of the four years of engineering you and a guy of higher branch would be equal in knowledge. Moreover, placements depends(on campus) more on college then on branch. Just try to do well in your VTU exams and hope for the best. All the best!!

Query:can i get question bank/ papers and syllabus of 7th sem and 8th sem BE computer science and engg OLD SCHEME (2002 batch)?
Answer: We are trying to process your request.. It would be up on the website soon.

Query: Hi Admin,
Can anyone please get me the complete 4years syllabus in B.E(Mechanical) as per VTU for the year 2000?
Answer: We would need sometime to process your request. So I apologise for the delay.

i want to know that one can carry how many back papers for entering in next semester?
Answer: You can carry a maximum of 4 backs under the old and new scheme to the odd semester.

Monday, September 10, 2007

THE SHOUTBOX IS IDLE..give ur usn no. and email id.. we will post ur result..


give ur usn no. and email id.. we will post ur result..

Use the live support above..

B.E./B.Tech. Bangalore region I and II semester Results announced.

B.E./B.Tech. Bangalore region I and II semester Results announced.
The result is available on the link given below:

Link is :

Sunday, September 9, 2007

B.E./B.Tech. Belgaum, Mysore and Gulbarga region I and II semester Results announced.

The result of Ist & IInd semester results for Belgaum, Mysore and Gulbarga region is declared.Result for Bangalore region is expected tomorrow.

B.E./B.Tech. Belgaum, Mysore and Gulbarga regions I and II semester Results announced.
The result is available on the link given below:

Link is :

Saturday, September 8, 2007

[POLL] Which is the toughest semester in VTU engineering?

Which is the toughest semester in VTU engineering?Please vote now. And share your opinion with the world. Scroll down to see the poll in the left frame.

Answer to Queries4

Query: is the results of theird and fourth semester of belgaum region have announced or not?
Answer: No results are not yet announced.

Query: Kindly give me the web sites where I can get notes for I semester electronics students(VTU syllabus)?
Answer: Your search is over. Here you would get all the notes, syllabus and question papers. Just tell us what you want and we would get you all. Keep visiting VTUNEWS.

Query: can i get syllabus and question papers of BE computer science old scheme (2002 batch)?
Answer: You didnt mentioned which semester's syllabus and question paper you want. We get you of which ever semester's syllabus is required.

Query: sir i need the information about the mba results, the valuation is completed on 7th aug 2007 still it is not reseled?
Answer: How can you be so sure that valuations are over. Just be a little patient, it would be announced soon.

Query:Dear sir,
Can u please tell the actual date of 4th 2nd sem results,i'm waitin for my deadline results.?
Answer: In VTU its tough to predict anything. But it seems that all results will be announced by September 15th.

Query:plz gine exact date of vtu results of 2nd semester?
Answer: You would have already got your reply.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Answer to Queries3

Query1:when II sem B.E results will come?
Answer: Its difficult to predict the exact result dates for the II semester students as such, but the chances are like it wont take more den 10 days for second semester as there is alot of stream change after the results.

Query2:Can u tell me at what date 4th sem results will be out?
Answer:For the fourth semester people i think its just a matter of sometime.. if we follow the old trends of vtu then it wont take more then a week thats by next weekend .. maximum.. But when VTU is concerned unexpected always happens..

Query3:Please tell which is the good college for doing BE in mechanical after diploma, is it RVCE or MSRIT my councilling is on 11/8/2007.
Answer: When VTU colleges are concerned RVCE is anyday the best.. so i would advice you to opt for RVCE. MSRIT sports an extremely good faculty of mechanical but still RVCE is better placement wise and overall.. ALL THE BEST for your counselling.. And as an advice be serious about your engineering maths, as you might face some probs there.. n ya keep visiting and posting here..

Query4:Dear sir, in above query you didnt mention the 4th sem results announcement,please tell me when will 3rd and 4th sem results will come?
Answer: Please do refer to the above answer..

Keep visiting and putting up any query you have.. We would try to address it as soon as possible..

Monday, September 3, 2007

Answer to Queries2

Query1: Can u tell me at what date 4th sem results will be out
Answer: Within 7 days for sure, but hope it gets delayed.

Query2: i want to know
impact college of engineering
is affliated by vtu?
Answer: There is no direct affiliation for the said college under VTU.. refer for complete list..