Wednesday, June 30, 2010

VTU Results for 8th Semester.

As the VTU results for 8 th Semester is being announced, we have started processing the results to declare the the top ranker of VTU in this particular exams. If you haven't checked your results yet, then please do check it soon from the form on the right side. The results are stored forever on our web-servers so that you can access it anytime in future, even after VTU remove's the results from its site.

All the best!! And VTUNEWS wishes all the passing out students a bright and prosperous future.

We are hring!!!

We at VTUNEWS are proud to bring an unique opportunity to empower you for an all round development by making you a CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVES from of your college.

Who’s a Campus Representative?



One who has the innovative streak of mind and breaks new grounds. One who will be able to organize events and has a profound love for technology and its applications.


One who has the ability to expose and popularize your own college and our products and services.


One who loves writing articles , meet new people and interact with them, take interviews, covers the Fest and other campus news and help spreading them.


One who is committed and passionate about helping fellow students.

If you have any of above flair then you are ideal person to be a CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE. Now next you would be thinking , all right, but what should a CR do? Read on to find out..


  • Bring your college to limelight - Report anything- from your Fest, your everyday life in your campus, write article on how you like spending your time in your college hang out spot, take interviews of your lecturers and on and on ..... too many things to write !!!!
  • Interact with new students, tell them about your campus, guide them in taking better decisions and making them feel comfortable on your campus.
  • Help VTUNEWS to get sponsors for your fest, make them popular, get more people to your college.
  • Use VTUNEWS as medium to share informations, discuss things and popularize your college events.
  • Make our student products and services known and available to your fellow students help them use our services.
  • Help us in finding out the best way to spread to improve our services and get critical comments from fellow students.
  • Have innovative ideas, and realize them with us. Maybe, you want to organize an event or start a new service online, we will work together to make it a success.

Okay , all and all, this a very long list, but what do I get at the end of the day other then satisfaction and opportunity, Do i have an real materialistic gains? Read on...

Benefits of Being a REP

  • A professional entry into your CV
  • An opportunity to experience and bring out your Advertisement and Marketing Skills
  • Interact with people, Speak to a gathering of campus reps ..... yes we will be having a gathering every once in a while.
  • Get a chance to try out and use our services at a much discounted prices
  • The best articles and reports will always be rewarded every month.
  • A chance to maintain a public profile on VTUNEWS showing all your contributions.
  • Be the first to know about all the internship opportunities for VTU students.
  • Be the A chance to run your wild ideas to let loose in the public domain.
  • An official VTUNEWS POLO T-shirt

So all in all, a fair deal. but how can I become a CR?


Send us your CV with a short write-up about yourself to contactus@vtunews.inThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we would contact you.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to check VTU results of old semesters?

Many a times, we face a problem of seeing our results of previous semesters in VTU as the site only stores the result of current semester. VTUNEWS help you solve this problem. Whenever, a new reult is announced, please visit and enter your USN No. to see your previous results. On seeing your results, just click on Update Result button on the top to get yor latest result. The process is very simple. Please do it now, to solve any future problems.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

An opportunity to have Google Certificate on your project.

VTUNEWS has brought an unique opportunity for the students of VTU. Those who want to do a project and wants it to get recognized by Industry can participate in this project. This is an SEO project so peaople of final semester can take it up as their final semester VTU project. The best part of this project is that user gets a fiel experience without spending a single penny and a chance to win prizes sponsored by Google. More details about participation is available here:

So, participate now and improve your Resumes and get huge advantage.