Friday, February 22, 2008

Lecture Notes, Course Material, Question Paper and Learning Resource for Mechanical all semesters.

Learning Resource
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3rd Semester
Manufacturing Process-1
Faculty: Mr. Rajesh Mathivanan
Material Science and Metallurgy
Faculty: Dr. V. P. Raghupathy
4th Semester
Applied Thermodynamics
Faculty : Dr. T. R. Seetharam
Course Material [541 KB]
Design of Machine Elements - I
Faculty : Ramesh S Sharma
Kinematics of Machines
Faculty : Sunith babu
Metrology and Measurement
Faculty : S.V. Satish
Course Material [298KB]
Fluid Mechanics
Faculty : L. Ramachandra
5th Semester
Dynamics of Machines
Faculty: Ms. Jyothsna K. Moorthy
Test 1 [48 KB]
Manufacturing Process-2
Faculty: Mr. Rajesh Mathivanan
Fluid Machinery
Faculty: Prof. V. Krishna
Control Engineering
Faculty: Mr. D. Sethuram
Test 1 [145 KB]
Machine Design-2
Faculty: Mr. Ramesh Sharma S
Faculty : Mr. S.V. Satish
6th Semester
Mechatronics Course Material [214KB]
Operation Research
Faculty : Mr. K. N. Narasimha Murthy
Course Material [365KB]
Manufacturing Process III Course Material [557KB]
Theory of Elasticity
Faculty: Ms. Jyothsna K Moorthy
Course Material [601KB]
7th Semester
Machine Tool Design (Elective-C)
Faculty: C. S. Balasubramanyam
Test 1 [4 KB] Test 2 [7 KB]
Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Faculty: Mr. Mohan Das K. N.
Operations Mangement
Faculty: Mr. Chandan K Shanbaugh
Test 1 [5 KB]
Non-Conventional Energy Sources (NCES) {Elective-C}
Faculty: Mr. Ramachandra L
Heat and Mass Transfer
Faculty: Dr. T R Seetharam
Lecturer Notes [731 KB]
8th Semester
Non Destrictive Testing
Faculty: Mr. Mohandas K. N

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