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Answer to Queries 15

Question:i am studing in sct, my native is can i join for malnad college at hassan for 5th sem.
Answer: The option of lateral entry exisits in 3rd semester. Talk to the principal of the college you want to join to know if thats is possible.

Question:May I Know is there any possible in reduction of marks after revaluation in the vtu.Some one told it may be possible.Can u tell me the exact answer as last date is on 25th march 2008.Do u have any example of such cases?.Waiting for urgent reply.
Answer: According to rules of the Revaluation process the marks won't be decreased during revaluation. The exact rules are given below:


A candidate can apply for revaluation of the answer scripts within 2 weeks from the date of announcement of results. The prescribed fee, at present, is Rs. 500 /- per paper. The applications for revaluation in the prescribed forms are to be submitted in the college with the prescribed fee within 2 weeks from the date of announcement of the results. All the applications of revaluation submitted in the college are to be countersigned by the Principal and a record of the applications is to be maintained in the college for future reference. The Principal shall send all the applications in one lot along with the D.D. for the prescribed fee to the Regional Office.
After the receipt of the applications for re-totaling and for revaluation in the Regional Office, the concerned officials appointed by the Registrar Evaluation on the recommendations of the Regional Director or In-Charge Special Officer shall pull out answer scripts of the candidates who have applied for re-totaling and revaluation. After completion of the re-totaling of answer scripts, the answer scripts, which are to be sent for revaluation, will be given new code numbers and title page of the answer script is either detached or completely masked by pasting paper. Answer scripts, after given the new code numbers and after masking the markings made by the Ist examiner, will be kept ready for revaluation. The answer scripts for revaluation will be sent to a place of valuation or the examiners are called to the examination centre as per the direction of the Vice-Chancellor. The re-valuation marks shall be entered in a separate facing sheet supplied by the University for each answer script. The examiner will be supplied with the original scheme of valuation for the subject and all the marks shall be entered in to a separate marks list for all the revalued scripts.

a) If the re-valuation marks are less than the original marks, then the original marks shall be retained.
b) The candidate is given the benefit of the revaluation marks in full if the difference between the original marks and re-valuation marks is 5% or within 5% of the maximum marks.
c) When the difference between the original marks and the re-valuation marks is above 5 and equal to or below 15 of the maximum marks, the first five marks are given in full and only 50% of the remaining excess marks will be added to the marks of the candidate. Any fraction of a number is rounded to the next full integer.
d) The average of the marks of nearest two valuations shall be considered as the marks secured by the candidate. However, if one of the three marks falls exactly midway between the other two, then the higher two marks shall be taken for averaging. If there is any change in the marks after the revaluation, corrected statement of marks card shall be issued to the candidate.

And i haven't heard of any case where the marks have been decreased after revaluation.

Question: hello sir, this is anand i want to inform you that even a single link is not working in VI se model question papers?
Answer: I would like to fix the problem..

Question: please send me speech processing(8th sem ECE) previous year question paper or model question paper...
Answer: It would be put up on the VTUNEWS site soon.

Question: dear sir, i want the vtu 4th sem microprocessor programs so please send me my request thanking you yours faithfully srinath ks
Answer: For which dept. do you want.

Question:Respected people, I joined BE in 2000 and passed out in 2004 in EEE. I needed syllabus for all 4 years for official purposes. Can anyone help me please?
Answer: Sir, i would like to get it. but its tough...

Dear Sir, I need previous years question papers for the software engineering subject VI sem.plz do the needful. Thanking U
Answer: The previous year papers will be uploaded soon. Keep Visiting!!

Question:Respected sir I need some help and information from you..Please reply back to my email id from your's so i can mail you my problem and you can give me the appropriate solution for my problem.. Thanking you
Answer: You can send me your question. All measures will be taken not to disclose your identity.

Question:Hey!This blog is simply amazing! I have a request: Please put up the link for the CIPE Q. Bank.
Answer: Thanks for your compliments. The link for the Question Bank is

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