Saturday, April 26, 2008

Information Sciense[ISE] notes and questions.

Learning Resource
Subject Download
1st Semester
Computer Programming Program Source Module-1 [4.93 MB]
3rd Semester
Mathematics - III
Electronics Circuits
Logic Design Test 1 [164 KB]
Discrete Mathematical Structures
Data Structures With C Test 1 [17 KB]
Unix and Shell Programming
Data Structures Lab Lab Manuals [26 KB]
Electronics Circuits & Logic Design Lab Lab Manuals [2.16 MB]
5th Semester
Systems Software Test 1 [154 KB]
Operating Systems
Database Management Systems Test 2 [414 KB]
Data Communications
Unix and Shell Programming Test 1 [19 KB]
File Structures Test 1 [87 KB]
Microprocessor Laboratory Lab Manual [2.81 MB]
File Structure Lab
7th Semester
Engineering & Technology Management
Object Oriented Analysis & Design
Java and CGI programming
Computer Networks-II
Distributed Operating System Test 1 [91 KB]
Fuzzy Logic Test 1 [190 KB]
Principles of User Interface Design
Networks Laboratory Lab Manual [239 KB]
CGI Programming Laboratory Lab Manual [112 KB]

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